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The Department of Pharmaceutics is one of the core departments established with the establishment of the Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It supports the academic and research requirements for students studying for B. Pharmacy and D. Pharmacy curricula. A separate Machine Room is developed, where students can seek pharmaceutical industry-based knowledge. Understanding pharmaceutics allows scientists to convert a potential drug into an effective medicine that can be administered to patients safely and conveniently.

The laboratories under the department of pharmaceutics give a training environment that includes cutting-edge laboratory instrumentation and technologies, and a devoted and experienced faculty. The Department of Pharmaceutics possesses the following instruments – Dissolution Test Apparatus Programmable system, Disintegration Test Apparatus, Tablet Hardness Tester, Hot Air Oven, Tablet Compression Machine, Micropipettes, Vacuum Pump, Desiccators, Electronic Analytical Balances, pH Meter, and Refrigerator.
The students work in the four walls of the laboratory to pursue the basic knowledge about pharmaceutical dosage forms and formulation aspects during the first and second year of graduate level and formulations, development evaluation of dosage forms like tablets, capsules, ointments, and parenteral, etc at the third and final year of graduate level. At the postgraduate level, the research objective is focused on the formulation and development of various types of advanced drug delivery systems like microencapsulation, floating drug delivery systems, hydrogel, and hydrogel-based drug delivery systems and their evaluation. The Department includes efficient teaching and non-teaching faculty members which includes Doctorate faculties in our college.

The Department of Pharmaceutics conducts research and teaching in precision medicine that is targeted toward improving patient therapy by maximizing drug efficacy while minimizing drug toxicity. This goal is achieved by understanding the processes, including drug delivery, that determine the exposure and pharmacological response to drugs. The highly collegial Department faculty, students, and staff pursue these multidisciplinary and translational goals through cooperation with one another.

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