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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is the one among four departments within the KMP College of Pharmacy. This department is an integral part of Pharmacy profession. The department offers various programmes which include Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm – 2 Year course) and Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm – 4 Year/8 Semester course).

The department is strengthened by well educated, trained and qualified faculty members. They handle different topics such as,

Organic chemistry
2. Inorganic chemistry
3. Medicinal chemistry
4. Biochemistry
5. Stereochemistry
6. Analytical chemistry etc.

The course work of the department covers the core areas of pharmacy like, synthesis of new chemical entities, their analysis and development of new analytical techniques for validation of organic compounds of natural and synthetic origin.

The department is having well equipped laboratories, ICT enabled lecture halls and libraries. The laboratories are designed and equipped with several advanced facilities. Emergency kits and fire extinguishers are provided in each laboratory with a special focus on the safety of the workspace. The laboratories are spacious and ventilated, having adequate space for students to carry out experimental work smoothly.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab